Current Mailing Address

Current Mailing Address

Elder Howard Derek McKeon
Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission
Rua Caa-Acu, 229
03171-020 Sao Paulo - SP

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meeting the Mission President

Elder McKeon's letter was a little bit shorter than usual, but he is absolutely loving the mission!

Dad guess what??? We have devotionals here every Tuesday night and one of them my mission President came!!! He only spoke in Portuguese and I understood most of it! I went up and shook his hand and talked to him after and he seems like a really great man. The second part of the story is that we went to the Policia Federal to register in Brazil and he was there to do the same thing and he remembered me!! How cool is that???  Oh! I met another missionary here from Brazil whose dad served in Portugal too.... guess who his mission President was...? President Ficklin!!! The missionary's name was Andreazza. If you remember that email me back so i can tell him! But life here in the CTM is great! I am picking up the language like its nothing and my teachers and Brazilian friends say it sounds like I've been speaking Portuguese for months! Its such a relief to hear that! But my time is running out and i'm loving it here so much tell everyone that i love them and miss them!
I miss you! How is everything going? I am doing fine so don't worry at all... even though you will anyways.  But i miss you and i can't wait to hear from you guys!  It sounds like you are having the time of your lives and your always keeping busy!!!!!
My time is up and I love you with all of my heart!!
Your Son,
Elder McKeon
I thought this was a cute email from Kirk to Derek.  This blog is to let everyone know what Elder McKeon is up to, but I also want Derek to be able to have his whole mission documented when he gets home, so I thought I would include this:

Dear Derek,
                Hey! I love you so much! I know that you are having fun and are learning the language, but don’t forget about me! J It is so great knowing that you are out serving the Lord. I can’t believe that your whole area is only 3 blocks! That is insane!! It’s funny to think that your companion did things with his hands, and it kind of reminded me of when I do all of those weird things with my own.
                In football, we had a bye this week, so no game on 9/7/12! Instead of playing a game, I went to the Roseville JV game; they played Folsom, and just got SMASHED!!! I did not go so much for the game, as I did to see all of my friends that go down there. ;) But it was fun!
                Well, as you know, Mom and Dad went to Utah, and watched BYU spank Weber State! But before that happened, Carlie and Dad went to the hotel that they were staying at, went in to get breakfast. The BYU Football team was staying there, and Carlie got me a football shirt, that Mom and Dad got me, signed by Riley Nelson!!! It is sooooo cool!!! I am not gonna wear it, im gonna hang it up in my room!!
                Also, I gave the lesson on Sunday, 9/9/12. It was on The Plan of Salvation. I was thinking, alright, it’s super easy, and I will only have to teach 25 to 30 minutes. Well, we blitzed through opening exercises, and I had to take up 45 minutes!!!! I gave the lesson, the Entire thing without taking anything out, and it was still only 2:40! So I just started talking about how we needed to be Missionaries, and that we need to let people know that they can be with their families forever. It was soooo bad! But Brother Motley said that I did well, and that he thought I did a good job, and I just thought of you the entire time I was talking about Missionary Work.
                I am glad that you are having such a great time in Brazil, and that you are learning the language of Portuguese, but just remember, I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT ALL OF IT!!! And, if we have to, we can make up a code.J and, just on a side note, I have to say that I really like yer phone…
                I love you so much, and know that you are going to do ‘great and marvelous things.’
Love Your Best and Only Brother,
Kirk (Future Missionary)

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