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Current Mailing Address

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Monday, August 4, 2014

One Final Baptism

Hi everyone,

Well this was a good productive week!

First off, I had my last leadership council on Friday. That was tough because all of my friends were there and they were all saying, "Man, it's your last one!" It was just a constant reminder that it's ending. Despite that, it was a great meeting and we talked a lot about how we could make the mission better and how we can be more obedient to the new rules. The missionaries that are going home then had the opportunity to share their testimony. I wish I could say I made it through without crying, but I let a tear out. Elder Olson and Elder Passos also bore their testimonies. It was really difficult to talk about the mission, because I don't want it to end yet.

We made our way back to our area for the Gincana. A Gincana is like a competition where you had to do certain things throughout a month and then we had a huge activity where you brought people like: a teacher who isn't a member of the church, or bring a friend, or a non-member, and they had to be dressed up in clothing of a different country to bring people to get to know the church! We had games, like torta na cara, scripture chase, mini soccer, egg race, a sack race, and it was a ton of fun! Everybody made it fun and it was a great activity that allowed a lot of people to get to know the members and the church.

On Saturday we worked all day long and were running from one appointment to the next. We were pretty far away from one of our appointments and we were walking on the road and I thought I saw a member's car parked out in front of an apartment building. I slowed down and saw through the window the member! He saw us of course (white guys in white shirts and ties stand out) and told us to come in. We went in and got some water and made a contact with the guys he was talking to! He then took us to our next appointment which saved us so much time. It was great because that member is the dad of a Rapaz who is leaving on his mission here this week! The dad asked us to give a lesson at his son's farewell party that was happening that night. We prepared a cool lesson, and we were so grateful. When we walked in, there were so many people in there (some of whom were not members) and we were able to make contacts all night long. We were then able to share our message and, which will hopefully resonate with the non-members that were there.

On Sunday we were supposed to have Marco Aurelio and his older brother, Vitor, come to church. We went by their house before Sacrament and they told us they would be there. As church was starting, we looked around and couldn't find them anywhere. I figured that the bus was slow and it takes a long time to get to the building, so we waited so more. Time passed by, and still Marco and Vitor had not come. I started to lose faith as I called them several times. Half way into our class, I felt like I needed to go outside and see if they had come. I was so worried, because if Marco did not come to church this Sunday, he would not be able to be baptized next week before I left. I walked out of the classroom and decided to offer a little prayer and ask my Heavenly Father for a little help and see what else I could do.  I finished my prayer and turned to walk back into the church when across the building I could see Marco and Vitor walking in the other side. I was so excited to see them, and it was an answer to my prayer. Turns out, the bus had taken forever to come, so they were just running a little late. Marco is planning on getting baptized next week, right before I leave, and I could not be more excited.

It was testimony meeting and Matheus, my first baptism here in Taubaté, got up and shared one of the strongest testimonies I have ever heard. I can't even explain the joy and happiness it brings to your heart to watch someone come into the Church and testify of its truthfulness. It was such a blessing to here and the spirit was incredible.

Well, my time is up here at the LAN house, but I will write to you guys next week. That will be my last email to you guys as a full time missionary. I am going to work so hard this last week and do all that I can to help the kingdom grow!

I love you all so much and hope you guys are doing great!


Elder McKeon