Current Mailing Address

Current Mailing Address

Elder Howard Derek McKeon
Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission
Rua Caa-Acu, 229
03171-020 Sao Paulo - SP

Friday, September 14, 2012


The week leading up to Derek's farewell was filled with family, friends, and fun.  Between lake trips and game nights, Derek was busy enjoying home before he left.

On Sunday, August 19th, Derek spoke in church.  Following his talk, plenty of his family and friends came over to bid him farewell.  Mom had to snap the Christmas card picture before he left, hence all the matching gear.

The evening of his farewell was the last time the entire McKeon crew would be together for the next two years.

On August 28, 2012, Derek left Sacramento and headed to Georgia to board his plane to Brazil.  Kirk and Rylee said goodbye before leaving for seminary and Mom and Dad dropped him off.

Now Derek is a full-time missionary!

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