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Current Mailing Address

Elder Howard Derek McKeon
Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission
Rua Caa-Acu, 229
03171-020 Sao Paulo - SP

Monday, June 10, 2013

Things are looking up!

Hey everyone! 

This was a good week! The only bad thing that happened was that Nelson wasn't baptized...again. It was such a bummer because he is so cool. He is the only one who works and they have to pay the bills so wherever he can find work, he has to take it to support his mom and their house. We will continue to work with him to get him baptized!

(Elder McKeon climbing the cement walls of the city)

This week was much better than the past couple of weeks. We have been praying and fasting for help to find more people to teach and to take to Church. We have been working with our Ward here to get 5 inactive families from our Ward and then find them and try to bring them back to Church. With that, we had this family that was really hard to find, but little did we know that the mother passed away and her family moved to a different state! So, we were looking for that family and we saw this little old lady that asked us if we needed help. We talked to her and she told us that the family we were looking for had moved away and the mother had died. So, we think, "Well, there goes another family...." We then asked her if we can come back and teach her and her family. She just smiled and laughed, so we go back and we teach her family and they seemed super interested and loved having us in their home. 

(Elder McKeon and Elder Haskell)

We then invited them to Church with us, but only the lady we talked to, Maria, could go, because everyone else had to work. She came and she was kind of skeptical, but when we talked to her after Church, she said she had never felt anything like it before. She has committed to be baptized this next Sunday at Stake Conference.

(Elder McKeon in front of Itaim Paulista)

Speaking of Stake Conference, we have it this next Sunday. We will have the Area President of Brasil there with Presidente Ferrin and Sister Ferrin as well. It is gonna be so great! 

(Elder McKeon and Elder Haskell)

On another note, I was asleep on Wednesday night and I woke up to this loud noise. It sounded like fireworks, but it sounded like a TON of them going off all at the same time. I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. The next couple of days we find out that someone had broken into the bank about a 5 minute walk from our house trying to get into the ATM! They explode ATM's to try and get the cash out and that's what the sound was. The bank was all taped off and no one was anywhere near it. The funny part was, we went to go visit a family and there were some of their friends there and we started talking about the ATM and the lady just cries out, "My nephew got arrested for that!" Turns out, her nephew was walking by and heard them exploding the ATM and went in after the ladrões had left with some money. They got there like 1 minute too early, because they got there and as soon as they did, the Policia showed up too! So the Policia didn't even question them, they just arrested them and now they are in prison. Crazy right? Brasil is crazy.

I love you and miss you all so much!!!


Elder McKeon

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