Current Mailing Address

Current Mailing Address

Elder Howard Derek McKeon
Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission
Rua Caa-Acu, 229
03171-020 Sao Paulo - SP

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Portuguese Master

Derek is still doing well and loves the mission!

Hey! I'm doing fine! And you're right, we only have 30 minutes to email and I need way more time to be able to say what I want to say. So I have been writing this letter that is pretty detailed and there is this shop that will print pictures and i was going to do that today and send them home in the letter..
Tell me about your business and how its going! Your health, the family, the ward, everything! How's BYU doing? Carlie said they beat Hawaii 47-0 so that's a definite improvement. How is Kirk doing in football? Rylee's Cross Country? And who the heck is this Justin kid??? 
As for me, I am doing fantastic!  I love being a missionary so much and I can't wait to get out of the CTM and teach real investigators what they need in their lives and how the Gospel can help them. Elder Olson (my companion) and I were teaching our teacher (mock investigator) about the Commandments and we only got to teach him 2 things (prayer and scripture study) in 45 minutes; it was a great lesson and we could feel the Spirit so strongly in the room, but we wanted to teach him more!! We had so many more great things to teach him, just not enough time! We already committed him to baptism, but we need to keep teaching him and I love this work so much I can't even stand it! I am learning more and more Portuguese everyday, and by the time Christmas rolls around I'll be talking to you in fluent Portuguese that you'll need to tell me to slow down and ask me what certain words are!! Its great here, but it gets kind of daunting, we nicknamed the CTM Spirit Prison, because we just want to get out and teach everyone we see!! Especially on the street!  I love making street contacts!  I have the confidence to go up to a random person and strike up a conversation with them about anything and then Elder Olson and I tie the Gospel in the conversation and we talk about that! I love it so much! 
This time is precious and I love and miss you all so much and Eu sei que estas coisas sao verdadeiras, com todo meu coracao. Eu sei que Jose Smith foi um Profeta de Deus e que ele restaurou o evangelho de Jesus Cristo na terra. Eu amo a minha familia, e todos os meus amigos, e eu sinto saudades de voces com o todo do meu coracao. Eu vos-amo muito muito muito muito!!!
Elder McKeon

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