Current Mailing Address

Current Mailing Address

Elder Howard Derek McKeon
Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission
Rua Caa-Acu, 229
03171-020 Sao Paulo - SP

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Latest Email with Pictures!

Oi familia!!! Como estao voces?

Everything is going great!  Can you guys believe that I only have two more weeks here in the CTM? I'll leave this month on the 30th!  My mission is about 45 minutes east of the CTM so I won't fly, I'll get a bus ride, which I think are scarier than planes now... the drivers down here are absolutely crazy! Motorcycles zipping by and cars merging like its the Indy 500!

Elder McKeon's mission
Before I forget, Dad, D&C 64: 33-34, this is what i would like to be my mission scripture please.
So you guys got the pictures huh? What'd you think of those? Nice pictures huh! I'm glad they got there safely, how long does it take for mail to get to the states? Oh! Tell Zack that I got his letter and that I am sending him one please. I'm glad the ward is doing awesome! Who is getting baptized in the ward? That is so cool that they're getting baptized!

Elder McKeon with his companion, Elder Olsen, on their "half-way" day in the CTM (notice the ties)
Hey did my ballot come in yet? If so, mark Mitt like 5 times cause I know we need him to win! How is he doing?
I'm pretty sure I went into detail about my district in the letter I sent, but once again, 12 missionaries District Leader is Elder Kisor.

Elder McKeon with his district
I have grown more spiritually here in these past few weeks than I ever could have back home, its scary!  I love it here so much and I am learning new things daily. We focused on the Word of Wisdom this week which is kind of hard because I don't have the vocabulary for it yet so I have to think of different ways to say things.  We got our pesquisador (investigator) to commit to it and to stop smoking and drinking coffee (apparently, everyone in Brazil drinks coffee) so we need to work on that. I have never prayed more than I have here in the CTM. Not just quick little prayers, but EVERYTHING. I pray when I get up, before personal study, before and after I teach an investigator and during the lesson in my heart for my companion and for the Spirit.  Also before each meal and then before companionship study. These are the only times that I can think of when I pray, but I'm sure I do it a lot more than this.  It is more meaningful when I pray for certain aspects of everyday life: my companion, the Spirit, humility, patience, my investigators and of course, my family. I pray all the time and sometimes I do it without realizing it, that's when you know you're on a mission.  You start praying without realizing it.  I have grown in my scriptural knowledge a hundredfold.  My companion said this to me the other day after we taught a lesson, "I can't believe your knowledge of the scriptures!  We'll be sitting in a lesson and you'll pull out a scripture that I had never heard of and it totally applies to the lesson and our investigator".  All I do is read the scriptures, Preach My Gospel, and write down anything that my teachers say.  I love being a missionary and having this time to learn and to grow not only as a missionary but as a man. I cannot wait two more weeks to get out into Brazil and take this amazing message to these wonderful people who I have come to love and admire.  I love you all and you are always in my prayers!
Elder McKeon with his original trio companionship, Elder Glover and Elder Olsen

Eu sei que esta igreja é verdadeira. Eu amo este trabalho e minha familia. Eu sei que nós temos um profeta verdadeiro na terra hoje, e ele é Thomas S. Monson. Eu continuo a crescer em espirito e forte. Eu sei que meu Salvador é Jesus Cristo, e Ele morreu para nossos pecados porque Ele nos ama.
Elder McKeon

Elder McKeon's bedroom window view of the city

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