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Current Mailing Address

Elder Howard Derek McKeon
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Last General Conference

March 21, 2013

Hey everybody,

We have found a great new family to teach!

We were given this list of members that are less active and we have been going around to see if they still live in our area. We were looking for this one family with 7 members, and we were really excited because we wanted to bring this family back to church. The Area 70, Elder Costa, made a promise to us that, "Every person that you bring back to the Church, you will convert another." So, we really wanted to help this family! We get to the house and we ask if the family is there. Unfortunately, they had moved away a couple of months ago, but we made a contact with this other family. We went back to visit them (there are 4 people in their family) and we taught them about the Restoration and challenged them to read the Book of Mormon. They came to Church with us that week and then watched a baptism we had in the ward as well. The next day, we went to teach them and they had already read the Book of Mormon and have accepted our Baptismal challenge. They will be getting baptized in two was a true miracle!

We also had the baptism of Gabriel and Geovanna, but we were still working on their dad Jose. We asked Jose if he wanted to go to church with us this Sunday, but he said he couldn't because he was running in a race that everyone here competes in. When we got to the church, we see Jose pull up in his car. We were so surprised to see him! He told us that he had "slept in" so he decided to come to church to see his sons be confirmed. He came to Elder's Quorum with us and the lesson was on the importance of making righteous changes in our lives. Jose was paying attention and then he eventually raised his hand. He explained to us that moving here from São Paulo to Taubaté was hard at the beginning, but it turned out to be worth it because his family had found the true Gospel. We were so excited to hear him say this! He is joining us for General Conference next weekend, and I am continuing to pray for him that he may know of the Gospel's truth.

Well, we are working hard and I am so tired, which i guess is a good sign. I am so happy to be here doing the Lord´s work for my brothers and sisters here in Brasil!

I love you all and hope you have a great week and I will talk to you next week!


Elder McKeon

April 7, 2013

Hey Everybody!

We have been working like crazy! We have been so excited to for General Conference and it was so weird that this was my LAST General Conference on my mission. It made me really sad though because it hit me how close I am to finishing my mission...

We had the Conselho de Líderança this past Friday and it was really good! We had a meeting with Presidente and the other Zone Leaders, I learned so much and we are going to teach what we learned to our zone tomorrow in the zone meeting.

We then had General Conference! On Saturday night, we had a meeting with the Guaretinguetá Stake President, so we missed the first and second sessions of conference on Saturday because of the long bus rides we had to take to get to the meeting. Fortunately it was a great meeting where we dicussed how to unite the Stake and do the Lord's work. This Stake is awesome because they are excited to work with the missionaries. We came back home after the meeting and went to Taubaté to teach José and his family. Then we went to the Priesthood session which is from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. here, so we got home pretty late. We learned so much! Then on Sunday, we woke up and had to run to our appointments before heading to the church to watch conference with our investigators, which was such a blessing. They were so excited to hear and learn from a Prophet of God! Then we got to talk to them between the sessions and teach them about the things that they had learned. We then watched the second session and it was so great! 

I am so lucky and blessed to be a servant of the Lord and to have this small time to be his full-time servant! I love it so much! I am going to make every minute count! 

I love you all and have a great week!


Elder McKeon

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