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Current Mailing Address

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Temple Trip

I hope all is well with you.  I am doing amazing here in São Paulo!  

(Elder McKeon at the temple)

Well this was a great week!  We went to the São Paulo Temple this past and it was great!  It was wonderful to see a bunch of other missionaries there from my old zone and hear how they are doing.  It was such a spiritual experience to be there.  As missionaries, we don't get to go to the temple as often as we did in the CTM.  In the CTM we went once a week on our P-day.  Now, its once every couple of months, and when I say couple of months, I mean a while! I was super excited to go but it was a long trip to get there.  The temple is in a place called Buntatã.  We had to take a 20 minute bus trip to the train.  Then we took a 30 minute train ride to the Mêtro.  Unfortunately when we arrived at the Mêtro, two of the major lines were shut down. So in a city of 15 million people (all trying to get to work in the same direction as the temple) you can only imagine how many people there were.  So that was slowing us down quite a bit, but when we finally got on our Mêtro it all worked out and we got to the Temple on time.  We then had a great session full of missionaries and you could feel the Spirit so strong there.  I just couldn't help but smile the whole time!

(Elder McKeon with ward members at FHE)

Well, after the Temple, there just so happens to be a Walmart across the street! Hmmmm, how convenient!  So we went there afterward and bought some American stuff that really was a treat.  Like Snickers, Twix, Peanut Butter!  It was so great!  We returned to our area because we had a couple of appointments set up and then we had a great dinner with an Irmã in our ward. 

(Elder McKeon playing ball with missionaries in zone on P-day)

Later we had a great Noite Familiar, AKA, Family Home Evening with an Irmã in our ward who has a non-member sister, and her daughter that is a little is less active.  Elder Haskell and I went there with another family who are their super good friend.  We had a great discussion and the Spirit was so strong there and combine that with the family's testimonies, it just made it even better!  We then ended and proceeded to the kitchen and ate SOOO much food!  I love to get together with these great families! 

(The baptism of Heloiza)

We had a great baptism for Heloiza.  She is awesome!  She is very shy but is super smart and is studying to be a cook!  I already told you guys how she found the Church and before she was baptized she said to us that finding the Church was one of the greatest things she has ever done in her life.  How cool is that?!?!  Her mom, Rita, is a little crazy, but she is so kind and generous.  She loves to hear the lessons and likes to feed us too! But she was having some doubts about being baptized, so she decided to read the Livro de Mórmon.  She just opened up to a random page and opened up to Baptism in the index!  Out of all the other pages in the WHOLE book, she goes right to the most important thing she could have!  If that is not a miracle, then I don't know what is.  And being on the mission this long, I have learned what a miracle is.  She decided to be baptized this!  The day her daughter will receive the Holy Ghost!  All of the young women in the ward came and totally made her feel super welcome and she already has friends in the ward!  So all in all it was a GREAT!  

(Elder McKeon with companion Elder Haskell at the temple)

This week was great!  Oh and we had another little miracle.  We were searching for another house for lunch but we were not able to find it. We called the Relief Society President, and she didn't pick up.  We decided to go her house because we knew she lived mais ou menos close to where we were.  We were walking down this road and an Irmão from the ward just pulled up next to us and asked us what we were doing.  We told him that we were looking for our lunch appointment and couldn't find the house.  He then pointed out the house and went on his way.  We went to the house and knocked and knocked and unfortunately no one was there.  We went and sat on the curb trying to think of something to do with no money and no lunch.  Then the Irmão came back and parked at the curb and said, "I just knew something was going to go wrong so I came back.  Come back to my place and eat!"  How great is that?!?!?  I was praying that whole time just hoping something would work out for the rest of the day, and he showed up and it worked out so great.  I know that Heavenly Father looks after us and helps us when we reach out to Him and ask for the things that we need. 

(Heloiza's baptism)

That's it for this week and I can't wait to see you guys next week on Mother's Day!  I am so excited!  It seems like just last week that we talked on Christmas Day!  


Elder McKeon

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