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Current Mailing Address

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Following Promptings

Hey everyone,

Well long time no see! It was so good to see you guys yesterday! 

The family that let us Skype at their house said that you guys look and act like a great family! I told them that I have the greatest family that there is in the whole wide world! 

So how was my English? Pretty good huh? I had to use my companion for help to think of the words that I forgot.

This transfer flew by, didn't it? It was only a 5 week transfer, so that might be the reason why. When you are with such a great guy like Elder Haskell then the work just seems to go by and then your at the end of a transfer. We would say on Sunday mornings, "Wow, its already Sunday." And then the next week on Sunday it felt like 5 minutes had passed by. I know from what you guys have said, that it has seemed like these 8 months have gone by slow, but for me they went by faster than any other time in my life. It just doesn't make sense how fast the time goes, but when all you do is talk to people and preach this amazing Gospel, it just flies by. 

This past week was good. We have made a lot of contacts because our "grupo de ensino" (dad, translate please) has gotten smaller. We have been asking the members for references and talking to everyone that we could. Then we had to do a division on Saturday, but it was a different division because it was going to be after lunch and for only a couple of hours. We thought that was strange, but thought, "ok, if our leaders want it, then we have to do it." 

So while Elder Haskell went with the other missionary to go to some of our appointments, me and Elder Porter were then supposed to make contacts. I don't like to make contacts on Saturday afternoons here because here on Saturday afternoons the only things that are open are bars and other churches. So as you can imagine, the people are either part of other congregations or drunk, REALLY drunk. 

We weren't having that much success until I found Sidney. He was just sitting down on the curb in front of his house and I felt like I needed to talk to him. We stopped by and we just started to talk to him and it felt so good to talk to this guy, he wasn't drunk, and he just "wanted to get outside for awhile". It was weird, because he said to us that he had been having some troubles in his life and that he was seperated from his wife and just not having that much work to earn money. We invited him to Church and he said he might go, but to swing by his house before to see if he was awake. 

I walked away from that contact thinking he had some real potential! We were walking around Sunday morning to pick up people to go to Church and we were about to go back in and sit down, but then I remembered that we needed to stop by and see if Sidney wanted to go. So we walked to his house and luckily, there was his niece outside and we asked to see if she would go and see if Sidney was ready. She left and her grandma came out and started to talk to us. And we, of course, wished her a Feliz Dia das Mães! We talked to her while we were waiting for Sidney. She seemed very interested in our message and I just felt like inviting her to Church, but she said that she couldn't go because her other son would be stopping by for Mother's Day. We kept talking and Sidney was asleep becuase he couldn't fall asleep at all last night. She said that she needed to hear what we had to say and that we should come by this next week becuase she doesn't go to a Church and wants to feel closer to God in her life and the lives of her family. I was so glad for what she said and that I followed the prompting that I had to talk to him. I was praying for someone to be ready to hear our message and to be touched by the Spirit that we constantly strive to have with us. 

I am so glad that I got to see you guys and that you are all doing well. I love you guys so much and pray for you all the time.

Dad, get healthy. Mom, keep the house and family perfect like you always do! Rylee dont freak out about finals, and kirk, stop getting bigger! Its bugging me! Carlie and Porter don't work so hard! You need to stop and have a break!

Anyways, I love you guys so much!


Elder McKeon

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