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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A hard, but good week

Hey everyone,

We had transfers this past Tuesday and that always throws your week for a whirl, but Elder Haskell and I stayed together and we are going to have a great transfer here in Camargo!

(Elder Haskell and Elder McKeon with two young men in their ward leaving on missions)

This week was not the easiest to get through, but as missionaries we have to get through them to get to the good weeks!We have been teaching Rita, Heloiza's mom, and she is very frustrating to a missionary because we have taught her everything, she has a testimony of it all and has a lot of friends in Church and is having a great time. She is now at the point where she has to say "yes" or "no" and she just won't decide! We told her to give us a call when she knows what she wants to do because we have other people to teach and we can't pass by there all the time. It just kills you when you walk away from the house thinking in your mind "What could I have said, could have taught, or could have done to help them more?" On this one, me and Elder Haskell walked away and asked the other and we couldn't think of anything. I'm not saying we are perfect, far from it, but we did everything that we knew how to do and we were even fasting for a miracle to happen, but just sometimes it doesn't happen when YOU want it to happen. I think of Isaiah 55: 8-9 when WE want something to happen and we pray and fast and do all we can to achieve or gain that thing we want and it still doesn't happen, its incredibly difficult to understand. But, it's something that we have to learn and accept. Everything we want for others at that exact moment might not be their time or the right situation or the right anything, but its my job to try every single time, win or lose, because we don't know who's ready or who is waiting for those white guys in ties to talk to us. We just need to open our mouths. It doesn't mean you need to put on a tie and a plaqueta, but you just need to talk.

(Elder McKeon with a Corinthians flag)

Other investigators didn't go as smoothly either. We have been making a lot of contacts and it is like there is a wall between us and that person. They wanted nothing to do with us. It's hard when you do it all day and your not having any success person after person. I love the message that you can find on youtube called A Expiação e a Obra Missionária(it's in English but with Portuguese subtitles). We have seen this in trainings and it explains very well what we feel as missionaries. It's very moving and teaches a 
very important principle for all of us to learn and I love this video and watch it every
week and it helps me to remember why am I here. 

(Elder McKeon at Camargo Novo)

It was a rough week, but there is always something good that has to come of it. We have been teaching this guy 
named Nelson. I think I have already told you guys about him. But he is really hard to find at home and he is really
good guy and wants to be baptized. I had a dream this past week and I am not trying to be cheesy or weird, but I had
a dream and I can only remember only a little part of it. That little part that I remember was seeing Nelson sitting 
next to his Mom in the Capela with a great big smile on his face. But we get to his house earlier on in the week 
and he tells us that he won't go to church because he had a good friend that was going to get married. So that was 
big bummer... and he said he was going to be working the rest of the week so it wouldn't work to stop by and teach.
Then Sunday came around and as we were walking around trying to get our investigators to go to Church, 
either NO ONE was home or they couldn't go. It was discouraging to hear and experience. So we just walked back 
to the Capela and as we walk in, who else do I see? None other than Nelson himself! I just jumped and yelled and 
gave him the biggest hug ever! It was such a great thing to see him there and with his mom just having a great 
time together. 

(Elder Squires, Elder McKeon's trainer, going home)

It was such a great experience, but a little hard because I was asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting about 15 
minutes before it started and I had to fill a gap of 15 minutes. I had to accept it because the other orador wasn't 
there. So I immediately went to work trying to think of something to talk about. What made it even worse 
was as I was preparing it, I see the Stake President walk in and he looks and shakes my hand and just winks. I 
start to freak out, but I talked about faith and prayer and that when we use both of them miracles will happen.

("Got my package!!"-Elder McKeon)

It was an eventful week and I am so glad that it happened! I miss and love you guys so much and I hope 
you have a great week and Ill talk to you next week!


Elder McKeon

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