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Current Mailing Address

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Change in Seasons

Hey guys!

This week was not the greatest we've had, it was actually pretty hard. It just seemed like everything that we had going for us hit the wall and stopped. All the investigators we were teaching were either not home, or were too busy to let us teach them. It was super frustrating and discouraging. We then turned to contacts to try and turn the week around, and it didn’t work out either. Everyone that we talked to (and we talked to a lot) just seemed super uninterested and didn’t want anything to do with us. It was making me angry, because I thought I had done something wrong, like the contact wasn’t as strong as it could be, or I said something that might’ve offended them, or if I wasn’t in the right place or the right time. It was just a very difficult week. It was a lot of prayer and study. But then once the week ended, I realized, that I hadn’t fasted once during the week and that was where we went wrong. It’s very hard to fast here in this area and for me personally, I love to eat, but when we fast, we are asking the Lord for help, and I guess He was trying to teach a lesson because I wasn’t asking for much help! Now we are going to fast this week and see what we can do to turn this thing around! 

Also, Brazil’s weather is bi-polar. We had to go to Cumbica (one of my districts areas) to do an interview. When we got there I was sweating up a storm. It was so hot! Then we met up with the Sisters and started heading to another appointment, and when we came out, there were clouds all over the sky and it was windy and cold. I was mad because the guy that I interviewed was supposed to be baptized right after the interview by one of his best friends. Unfortunately, the friend’s mom wouldn’t let him baptize David, the guy I interviewed, because she is 100% against the Church. David was kind of bummed, but then asked me to do the baptism for him. I had to wear this HUGE baptismal jumpsuit and the water was freezing. It was such a great experience and the Spirit was super strong there and everyone loved the service. Since I didn’t know that I was going to baptize, I didn’t bring an extra pair of underwear so it was ALL WET and I just left them on and we had to leave for another interview, and when we stepped outside, it was super windy and freezing cold! When we got back to our area it was ALL mud because there are just dirt roads here. So, all my pants are dirty and I don’t even polish my shoes anymore because they will just get dirty in 5 minutes after leaving the house.

Well, I gotta go! I love you guys so much and miss you all everyday! I love you and hope you guys have an awesome week and a good time at the "MTC!" (side note: our stake back home called all of the kids on a “mission,” so Rylee and Kirk are on mini missions right now.)


Elder McKeon

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