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Current Mailing Address

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Transfers and a Baptism

Ok, so let me explain what happened last week...
Elder Hanni and I were in the LAN House (where we send emails, its a room of like 20 computers) and I had just sent you my pictures for the week and then the power went out! All of the computers just turned off, and it wasn't just that building, the whole area was out of energy. I didn't even have time to email Presidente. So, I didnt just 'forget' to email you guys sorry!
The night of our P-day we were at a member's home having dinner and playing games and it was the night of transfers. Elder Hanni and I had only been together for one transfer and he had only been in the are for 3 months, so all the cards led to us staying together for one more transfer. Then I get the call saying he is getting transfered at 11:30 that night. We had no time to say goodbye to anyone in our area and we had to stay up until 3 in the morning packing his stuff. So, then we have to leave our house at 6 in the morning to get to the office on time which made it was a very long day the next day.

(Elder Hanni and Elder McKeon's last picture together)

When we left the house, we forgot that we had left some of Hanni's pants at a member's home to get them fixed because she sews for a living. We left them there 5 days before and we got to her house at 6:30 in the morning, praying she was awake, but she hadn't even started on the pants yet! 

(Elder McKeon saying good-bye to Elder Haskell)

Finally we got on the bus to get to the office, but we got on the WRONG bus and had to take 2 more to get to the right bus to get us to the office. We finally got to the office and all of our friends were there. It was kind of hard saying goodbye to a lot of them. A bunch of my friends were all "dying" aka going home, and as I was walking around looking at all of the missionaries I realized that I didn't know most of them, because most of the people that I knew were already gone. It was very strange, but now I have a new companion, a brazilian named Elder Moises or in English, Elder Moses. He has been out for 4 months and is still pretty green, but he wants to work hard and that's all that matters!

(Elder McKeon with his new companion, Elder Moises)

We baptized this week! It was so awesome! We had Yuri, Felipe, Vitoria, and Maria Eduarda all come into the Church! It's that family we had been teaching and the kids were baptized this week. It was Stake Conference too and so we had to get them to Church by bus, which was no easy thing by the way. We had to get 3 buses there and 3 back. It was crazy because the oldest, Yuri, gets sick on buses and threw up like 4 times. It was a stressful bus ride. When we got them home, we told the mom, Pamela, (who was working and had just gotten home) that the baptism was at 4 and that we would be waiting there. She asked what they needed to bring and we said a towel and an extra pair of underwear and Pamela was in the middle of frosting a huge cake and she asked, "What about food??" I said if she wanted to bring something she was more than welcome to. So we left, went and got to the Church and got everything ready for the baptism. Then the family showed up in their best clothes and Pamela came in with ANOTHER huge cake that she had made in the time we were gone. Anyways, after we baptized the kids and now we just have to get the parents baptized too. It was just such a great experience to have them there and to feel that sweet spirit touch their hearts to really show them that this Church is true. 
Well, I gotta go! I am sorry again for not writing last week, and mom thank you for re-sending the package. Also, congrats on running the Ragnar! It looks like you guys were tired in the final picture! I am so proud of you for running it! Well I love you guys and I will talk to you guys next week!!! 
Elder McKeon

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