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Current Mailing Address

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Birthday Week

Hey everyone!

We had 3 important dates this past week....

1. July 4th the birthday of the greatest nation on earth. Although I am a missionary in a different country I still keep up my American pride!

 (Elder McKeon with Elder Rees from Wayne County. Their dads also served in the same mission in Portugal.)

2. July 5th we were walking and I had eaten a TON of food at our lunch appointment and we had some cake there too because of the b-day.

We were walking on our way home and I said to Elder Diaz,"I think I will buy a pizza tonight for my birthday."

He then hits me in the chest and says, “NO! You can’t buy ANY food tonight, no food at all!" That kind of freaked me out a little bit and I asked why.

He said, “I’m planning something with a friend." I thought "He has only been in the area for like 2 weeks, who could he know well enough to plan something???" Then I immediately thought Marcelo because this is exactly something that Marcelo would do. I asked him if Marcelo was coming and he said no because we had planned with Marcelo to go to his house in Guarulhos today (p-day) and have breakfast. So, I put that in the back of my mind.

We got home, and after we planned, I started to take off my tie and again Diaz hits me in the chest. This time I got kind of mad, I don’t like to be hit, so I asked why and he said, "It would be better for pictures if you were wearing the tie and shirt."

(Elder Padilla and Elder McKeon)

Then I waited and to my great surprise Marcelo, Regane (his wife), Elaine (her mom), Tael (who I baptized), Luiz Augusto, Katia, and Luiz Henrique (who I also baptized) came and threw me a party! I was totally surprised with the others, but I had a feeling that Marcelo would come but the others were a total blind side. It was awesome! We ate cake and had a great time and everyone was calling me super old and "velinho" (little oldy).

3. July 7th Regane got baptized. It was cool because this is the date that I got baptized and that just made it a little more real for me and that I am here on a mission to help others come unto Christ and how they can see the changes in their lives for the better. It was really cool and she will help her inactive uncle and aunt come back to Church and just help our ward here in Camargo.

(Regane's baptism)

Well I have to go! I love you guys so much!


Elder McKeon

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