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Current Mailing Address

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference Weekend

Hey everyone!

Well this week was great!  We have been working hard and we got to go to Conference. It was even showed in our Capela (chapel), instead of having to go to the Stake Center, so it was super convenient for us and our investigators.

We got to watch ALL the sessions of Conference including Priesthood. It was all in Português, so I could understand most of it, but I couldn't take a whole bunch of notes because I had to concentrate really hard to pick it all up.

I noticed that there were a ton of talks on missionary work, and they were all so great. I really enjoyed Russell M. Nelson's talk about "Catching the Wave" of missionary work, and not just missionaries, parents, siblings, friends, need to help prepare the future missionaries to "Catch the Wave". I love how all the people in my life have prepared me to be a worthy full-time missionary. We need to be ready and able to answer the questions that we will be asked by people in our lives and if we are not able to answer those questions, "Ask the missionaries, they can help you!" Please ask the missionaries to help, that's all we want to do is to help in anyway we can.

I also had a question. There was a talk in Conference from Sister Rosemary M. Wixom about an airman who was shot down in North Vietnam in the 1960's. He was captured for 2 years, and finally his captors let him write home, but limited him to only 25 words. I was wondering, I'm gone for 2 years, I would like to know what the family would write in those 25 words. I will write mine as well and I'll send them in a letter. Will you guys do this for me?

Well, this is an end of another transfer here in Brasil! I have been in my first area for 5 months. I don't know if I will be transferred or not, but it's probable that I will be transferred. We'll see! It doesn't matter to me if I stay or if I get transferred. I could leave, but it would be sad to leave my friends here. 

I will let you guys know if I'm transferred as soon as a I can.
I miss and love you all and I keep you in my prayers all the time! 

I forgot my camera at home, so I couldn't send any picutres, so I'll send them next week ok? Sorry!


Elder McKeon

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