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Current Mailing Address

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Busy, busy week!

Hey everybody,

As you can tell from the pictures I sent home we had a really busy week these past weeks.

Elder McKeon with Luciana, who was baptized on March 17th

Luiz and Katia

This past Sunday we had 4 BAPTISMS AND 2 CONFIRMATIONS! We baptized Natanael (Marcelo's brother-in-law) Luiz and Katia (my second family here in brazil) and Mayara (a family friend of Luiz and Katia).

Luiz and Katia's wedding

We confirmed Felipe (the son of Luiz and Katia) and Luciana. Everybody loves them so much and they are going to be so awesome in the Church. 

Bowling on P-day

Natanael, Luiz, Katia, and Mayara's Baptism

We baptized all the family of Luiz and Katia that we could. They have a 5-year-old son named Luiz Henrique and he wants to be baptized, but his dad said, "No! You have to wait to do it right! You have 3 more years son!!!" They are such an awesome family and I love them so much. They will be confirmed next week along with the others.

Marcelo is the brother in law of Natanael so he came for the baptism with the whole family

Elder McKeon with Mayara at her Baptism

But I have been such a slacker. My baby sister, Rylee, had her birthday on the 1st of this month and I still have not given her a shout out yet, so I apologize for the tardiness Rylee, but these past few weeks have been nuts!

Mission Conference with Guarulhos zone

So this is about my little baby sister... 

Where do we start with Rylee?? 

She is a firecracker to say the least, but I love her to no end! I can remember our adventures on the way to seminary and then racing back to get to school on time. The whole time she's screaming at me to "SLOW DOWN! YOURE GOING TO GET US KILLED!!" I know she did it just cause she loves me, but it was just too fun to mess with her and it's fun to drive fast of course. She is such a good example to me in every aspect.

She is so determined in everything she does whether it is soccer, cross country, or school. She will do it no matter what. She drove me nuts when she first started to date. I'm that typical protective older brother and no other guy is going to go on a date with my little sister, but of course, she is as stubborn as me and goes right on all these kinds of dates. Every single one of those guys is the luckiest guy in the world at that moment when they are together with my little sister. Sometimes she drove me crazy, but I love her so much and know that she is a beautiful young lady who is intelligent, kind, a great runner and soccer player, and can kick my butt in a race. She is such a great person in my life and I try to obtain the qualities that she has and apply them in my life. 

I miss you and love you so much Ry! You're my little pistol and I love you so much. Just try not to go on too many dates while im gone ok?

I miss and love you all so much!


Elder McKeon

Felipe's baptism

Got new shoes!

Elder McKeon with Natanael Conosco

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