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Current Mailing Address

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Monday, August 5, 2013

More Investigators

Hey guys,

Can you believe that ANOTHER transfer has gone by? It feels like last week we were just starting the transfer and now here we are finishing this transfer out.

I can't believe that in a week I will hit my one year mark here on the mission. It has been so awesome and I am so glad that I have one more year. People ask us how long we have been out and I say, "I have one year here in Brasíl left." Then, they always give this look like they feel bad that I still have another year, but I look at it like "Dang, I only have one more year left on my mission." My friend here in Camargo Novo, who served his mission in Espírito Santo, told me,"The more you want it to slow down, the faster it goes by."

This week was a good week. We had a bunch of people come to church. We found this family making a contact. Well actually, the kids made the contact. The kids here love for me to speak English and I get kind of tired of it after awhile. So, we were walking down this street and these three kids yelled,'Hey! Americano! Come here!" I decided to have fun with them this time. I told them that I wasn't an American, but that I was born in Portugal, and then my family moved to Rio Grande do Sul (a state here in Brasíl). They all just sat there for a minute bummed because I wasn't an American, but after a few minutes I told them the truth and we got in and taught his mom and him and his friends. Then, they all went to church and had a great time! We actually are going to stop by their house here in a little bit to see if they will be baptized. They seemed to love it and already have friends there. They are great family and I know that this Gospel can help them even more.

The only bummer was that yesterday we were supposed to have the baptism of Leticia. It didn't happen because a member who is a really good friend of Leticia couldn't get there to watch the baptism. Now we have it rescheduled for next week. Now the transfer is coming up and I am afraid that I might get transferred and I won't be able to see the baptism, but that's life as a missionary.

Well, we have a few appointments we have to get to! I love you guys so much and I hope you all have a great week!


Elder McKeon

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